eat30 is not your regular snack bar. An apple a day won’t cut it anymore. It’s all about diversity, diversity, diversity! By now you probably already know that the majority of your immune defense is in your gut microbiome, today research has confirmed that it’s not just about eating plants anymore, it’s about biodiversity! It’s fiber coming from a wide spectrum of different plant sources. The research supports bumping up plant-diversity to 25-30 different sources per week! So, we’ve got you covered, eat30.


eat30 is a blend of 30 plant-based fiber sources made from a variety of fruits, roots, legumes, nuts and seeds perfectly balanced to maximize nutrient density while achieving incredibly delicious flavors. It’s not a supplement, it’s not a powder, it is real food, conveniently created to optimize your nutritional intake and power-up your dietary lifestyle. eat30 is an opportunity for you to participate in empowering your gut for peak performance.

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