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Who’s who?

Biomli was founded by a brother and sister duo (who happen to be twins), each with a particular set of skills that when combined has created a powerhouse resource on all things gut related!


Fay – is a cookbook author, health professional, food enthusiast, speaker, and mom. She is passionate about the microbiome and all things gut related. She has a master’s in nutrition and Dietetics, is a Registered Dietitian, and earned her PhD in Rehabilitation Science, specializing in gut rehabilitation.


Phil – is an analyst, health professional, photographer, and father. He’s an ardent researcher and has had an interest in gut-health since his studies in University where he obtained two masters in Population Medicine and Health Informatics. He has over 10 years’ experience in web-design, product development, and marketing.

What is Biomli?

Biomli is a free resource where you can learn more about the space in your body responsible for housing 80% of your immunity. You’ll find everything on here from the latest evidenced based research to the healthiest recipe guides. You’ll get the chance to learn, grow and network with a supportive and proactive community all interested in bettering themselves from the inside out!

Where can you start?

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